Awakening Menu: a better breakfast

Our American buffet breakfast, served every morning from 7 to 12 am

Basket of freshly baked bread, toasts, rusks, homemade cookies, crackers, rice biscuits. Hot croissants stuffed with jam, nutella as well as whole-wheat and honey croissants. Chocolate muffins, homemade cakes with vanilla /coconut /chocolate etc.

Prosciutto and cooked ham, mortadella, turkey rump, choice of cheeses. Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and sausages/hot dogs.

Yogurt varieties: fresh, white, with fruit and creams. 4 varieties of cereals, jams and light marmalades, honey, nutella, butter, and salted butter. Seasonal fresh fruit with strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, bananas, grape and mixed fruit salads; 100% fresh orange juice. 3 different types of fruit juices, fresh milk, soy milk, high digestibility milk, natural and sparkling mineral water. Espresso, American coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, tea, chocolate milk, Mokaccino.

Gluten Free and low-calorie products, sunflower seeds, chocolate bars, plum cakes, carrot cakes. Haribo candies, Mentos mints, toppings and Smarties.