Old Events AND CONCERT in Marche and Ancona

Eros Ramazzotti in Ancona

Location: PalaPrometeo (ex Palarossini)

Period: 2016, November 26th

Eros Ramazzotti, the Italian pop artist most esteemed abroad, will perform in Ancona with the extraordinary repertoire that has been able to conquer audiences around the world. Do not miss ...

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Roberto Longhi's Caravaggio

Location: Pinacoteca Comunale Francesco Podesti

Period: From 2016, September 30th to 2017, January 8th

A few months after its reopening the Pinacoteca Comunale Podesti is home to one of the most significant paintings of Caravaggio, "The boy bitten by a lizard". For more information ...

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Momix in Italy, Ancona 2016

Location: Ancona, Palarossini

Period: From 2nd to 3rd march 2016

A new show that also this time you will leaving you speechless. Drylands like a desert and mysterious nights in an scenery tribal, sensual and inquitente. More info on the ...

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Brian May Queen, Ancona Concert

Location: Teatro delle Muse, Ancona

Period: 2016 February 21th

The legendary Queen guitarist Brian May in an interesting artistic duo with the actress and singer Kerry Ellis will be in Ancona on February 21, 2016. A project launched by ...

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Battiato e Alice 2016, Live in Ancona

Location: Ancona, Teatro delle Muse

Period: 2016, March 4th and 5th

Battiato Alice tour 2016, a collaboration started in 1980 that is renewed today in a musical understanding remained intact over time. Accompanied by the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra, the two artists ...

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Massimo Ranieri, Show 2016

Location: Teatro delle Muse, Ancona

Period: 2016 May 13th

A unique show between monologues and songs, the great interpreter Neapolitan mixes all his achievements with those of the great authors of music and theater. More information about the event ...

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Il Volo Music Tour 2016, Ancona

Location: Ancona, Palarossini

Period: 2016 January 8th

The trio of young tenors which reported sold out in the summer tour and caught the the world with their songs, will perform in Italy also in 2016. Do not ...

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Venditti in Concert, Ancona 2015

Location: Ancona, Palarossini

Period: 2015 December, 19th

A great new musical project for Antonello Venditti who returns after four years for his fans with a new album refined and sophisticated. "Tortuga Tour" will stop in Ancona where ...

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Mario Biondi in Concert, Ancona

Location: Teatro delle Muse, Ancona

Period: 2015 December, 1st

Two years after his last success, Mario Biondi is back with a new album "Beyond" sounding funky and soul, which has already won the gold disk. More information about  www.ticketone.it ...

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Negramaro Tour 2015 Concert Ancona

Location: Palarossini, Ancona

Period: 2015 November, 15th

"The revolution is coming" after the first single "Are you my city," Negramaro are ready for new tour of the main Italian cities from November 2015. More info:  www.ticketone.it G ...

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Fiorello Ancona Show 2015

Location: Teatro delle Muse, Ancona

Period: From 29th to 31th October 2015

"L’ora del Rosario" the title of the new show showman Fiorello that will be on stage at the Teatro delle Muse in Ancona October 29 to 31 year 2015. More ...

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Max Pezzali Concert Ancona 2015

Location: Palarossini, Ancona

Period: 2015, September 25th

Two years after the extraordinary success of the Live Max 20, Max Pezzali returns to perform with a new and exciting show. The 'highly anticipated tour of the singer Lombard ...

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Paint My Run Events

Location: Sirolo, Ancona

Period: 2015 September, 20th

Running, walking and having a 5 km route through the countryside and the historical center of Sirolo, this is Paint My Run! Each participant will be provided with a packet ...

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Marche in Blu Event

Location: Numana and Sirolo

Period: 2015 September, 5th

On September 5, 2015 in the towns of Sirolo and Numana Marche Region promotes Day Marches in Blue! On the program for the day: at 11 am with the release ...

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Fragments of Humanity

Location: Museo Tattile Statale Omero, Ancona

Period: Until the 23th august, 2015

The Biennale "Arte insieme" of Ancona has reached its sixth edition at the Tactile Museum Omero of Ancona. From June 6 to August 23, 2015 will take place the art ...

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Flowering Castelluccio

Location: Castelluccio di Norcia

Period: from May to August 2016

The spectacle of the Flowering of the Plain of Castelluccio, within the National Park of Monti Sibillini, the plain in a mosaic of colors. Every year between May and August ...

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Lorenzo on Tour 2015

Location: Stadio del Conero, Ancona

Period: June 20th 2015

Lorenzo "Jovanotti" concert in Ancona at the Palarossini, on 20th June 2015. For your events in Marche region (Italy), choose the best on Tripadvisor: G Hotel Ancona. Info for ticket ...

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Spilla Festival 2015 Ancona

Location: Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona

Period: From 10th to 12th July 2015

Also this year in the magnificent setting of the Mole Vanvitelliana Ancona will host the ninth edition of the Festival Brooch 2015, 10, 11 and 12 July 2015. 3 days ...

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Belle and Sebastian Concert Ancona 2015

Location: Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona

Period: 2015, July 12th

Belle and Sebastian concert in Ancona at the Mole Vanvitelliana, on 12th July 2015. For your events in Marche region (Italy), choose the best on Tripadvisor: G Hotel Ancona. Info ...

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DeGregori Vivavoce Tour 2015

Location: Teatro delle Muse, Ancona

Period: April 20th 2015

Francesco DeGregori concert in Ancona at the Teatro delle Muse, on 20th April 2015. For your events in Marche region (Italy), choose the best on Tripadvisor: G Hotel Ancona. Info ...

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Exhibition Da Giotto a Gentile, Fabriano

Location: Fabriano

Period: until January 18st 2015

After the great success of the Baroque, back in the province of Ancona a fair- event curated by Vittorio Sgarbi " From Giotto to Gentile" painting and sculpture at Fabriano ...

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Biagio Antonacci in Concert, tour 2014

Location: palarossini Ancona

Period: November 19, 2014

Biagio Antonacci concert in Ancona at the Palarossini, on 19th Novembrer 2014. For your events in Marche region (Italy), choose the best on Tripadvisor: G Hotel Ancona. Info for ticket ...

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Dear Jack Concert in Ancona 2014

Location: Palarossini Ancona

Period: November 29, 2014

Dear Jack concert in Ancona at the Palarossini, on 29th Novembrer 2014. For your events in Marche region (Italy), choose the best on Tripadvisor: G Hotel Ancona. Info for ticket ...

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Sergio Cavallerin “LOVE FOR COMICS”

Location: Ancona, Galleria Puccini

Period: from May 31 to 15 June, 2014

Sergio Cavallerin è stato uno dei promotori della nona arte, portando per la prima volta il manga giapponese in Italia tramite la casa editrice Star Comics da lui fondata a ...

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Marche Endurance Lifestyle 2014

Location: Numana - Riviera del Conero

Period: From June 12 to 15, 2014

Quattro giorni dedicati a sport, business, cultura, turismo, fashion & design, responsabilità sociale, PR e intrattenimento per dare voce all'endurance, ai suoi protagonisti e alle eccellenze rappresentate dall'Italia. L'endurance, conosciuto ...

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Ancona 2400 years from greek roman town discovery

Location: Ancona

A unique journey to discover the Greek and Roman city which celebrates 2,400 years since its foundation, Ancona opens doors to places that are usually closed to the public, with guided ...

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Cantine Aperte 2013

Location: Moie di Maiolati - Ancona

Period: from May 24 to May 29, 2013

The most important Italian enotourism event. A pleasant stay to discover the winemaking tradition of the Marche region. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy the area, between vineyards and wineries to ...

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