Living Ancona, in the center of Marche

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Experiencing Ancona and exploring its beauty, with Portonovo and the marina. For a trip in the Marche region, choose G Hotel, the hotel voted the best in Ancona on Tripadvisor. Ancona is a "Dorian city" where art, nature and history come together, among beautiful and impressive landscapes, ranging from Monte Conero to the Ancona Gulf up to the horizon, for a spectacular land unique view in Italy because here, in the summer, the sun rises and sets over the sea.


The Loggia, the fountain, the palace and the Arch of Trajan

Hills, valleys, beaches alternate among alleys, arches and monuments that lead to the discovery of the city, passing through the different  historical periods that characterize it: the Arch of Trajan, the Cathedral, the Muse theatre, the Ferretti Palace, the Venetian-style Loggia dei Mercanti, the Senate palace and Government Palace, the ancient and suggestive Fountain of Calamo and that of the Tredici Cannelle, the Mole Vanvitelliana and many others. These and many more monuments can be discovered just by taking a stroll in town and they lead to the discovery of the history of the city, passing from Ancient Rome to the Renaissance, all the way back to its past Greek origins. The historical neighbourhoods on the hills overlook the harbour just like around the stage of a theatre.


The beautiful beaches of the Riviera del Conero

Every year about one million travellers leave the port to go to Greece and Croatia, but also Albania, Turkey and Montenegro. Whatever the reason that leads you to visit Ancona, whether it is a trip or a romantic weekend, or a family vacation, you will be able to relax, enjoy  and discover the beautiful beaches of the Riviera del Conero. From Mezzavalle to Portonovo, the sandy beach of Palombina and many others that make this stretch of the Adriatic coast truly unique. A journey that offers many different possibilities from nature trails to the gastronomy explorations because the Marche region is a land to be “endlessly discovered”.

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